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Individual Flower Species Page-1

TypeCultural requirementScientific NameCommon NamePicturePrice per ozAdd to Cart in Ounce QuantitiesPrice per Lb.Add to Cart in Pound Quantitiesht. Inchescolor
psun-d-mAchillea filipendulaGold YarrowPicture16.00Add to Cart170.00Add to Cart36-60Gold
ps-dAchillea lanulosaWestern YarrowPicture  60.00Add to Cart12-36white
ps-d-mAchillea millefoliumWhite YarrowPicture  62.00Add to Cart12-36white
ps-d-mAchillea millefolium rubraRed YarrowPicture18.00Add to Cart200.00Add to Cart12-30red
pps-d-mAgastache foeniculumLavender HyssopPicture  80.00Add to Cart12-36purple
pps-d-mAllium cermuumNodding Pink OnionPicture28.00Add to Cart400.00Add to Cart12-18pink
ps-dAlyssum saxatileBasket-O-GoldPicture16.00Add to Cart120.00Add to Cart8-12yellow
apsun dry moistAmmi majusBishop's FlowerPicture  30.00Add to Cart18-30white
psun dryAmorpha canescensLeadplantPicture16.00Add to Cart140.00Add to Cart24-40purple
psun shade moistAnthemis nobilisRoman ChamomilePicture20.00Add to Cart240.00Add to Cart6-12white
psun-shade-moistAquilegia caeruleaBlue ColumbinePicture24.00Add to Cart180.00Add to Cart24-36blue/white
psun shade moistAquilegia caeruleaColumbine, mixed colorsPicture20.00Add to Cart160.00Add to Cart24-36y/red/violet/blue
ppshade moistAquilegia canadensisEastern ColumbinePicture40.00Add to Cart420.00Add to Cart18-24red-yellow
ppsundry moistAquilegia vulgarisDwarf ColumbinePicture18.00Add to Cart100.00Add to Cart10-18red/v/blue
ppsun dry  Arabis alpinaRockcressPicture16.00Add to Cart160.00Add to Cart4-10white
psun dryArtemisia frigidaFringed Sage 14.00Add to CartcallAdd to Cart8-16yellow
asun dry moistAsclepias curassavicaBloodflower   80.00Add to Cart18-36red-orange
psun moistAsclepias incarnataSwamp Milkweed 34.00Add to Cart250.00Add to Cart36-60pink
psun dry moistAsclepias speciosaShowy MilkweedPicture32.00Add to Cart330.00Add to Cart24-40pink
psun dryAsclepias tuberosaButterfly MilkweedPicture28.00Add to Cart3000.00Add to Cart24-36orange
psun-dry-moistAster laevisSmooth AsterPicture26.00Add to Cart240.00Add to Cart30-48violet
ppsun dry moistAster novae-angliaeNew England AsterPicture50.00Add to Cart500.00Add to Cart24-72pink/violet/purple
psun dryAster ptarmicoidesWhite Uppland AsterPicture24.00Add to Cart208.00Add to Cart18-24white
ppsun dry moistAubrieta deltoidaePurple RockcressPicture32.00Add to Cart330.00Add to Cart4-6purple/white
apsun dryBaileya multiiradiataDesert MarigoldPicture  175.00Add to Cart18-24yellow
psun dry moistBalsomorhizaArrowleaf Balsamroot   126.00Add to Cart16-30yellow
ppsun dry moistBellis perennisEnglish DaisyPicture20.00Add to Cart180.00Add to Cart4-6white/rose
asun dry moistCalendula officinalisCalendulaPicture  25.00Add to Cart12-24yellow/orange
psun shade dry/moiCampanula officinalisTussock BellflowerPicture16.00Add to Cart120.00Add to Cart8-18lavender-blue
asun dryCassia fasciculataPartridge Pea   24.00Add to Cart6-24yellow
ppsun dry moistCastilleja spp.Indian Paintbrush callAdd to CartcallAdd to Cart8-24scarlet/rose/yellow
apsun dryCentaurea cyanusCornflowerPicture  12.00Add to Cart12-36blue
apsun dryCentaurea cyanus (dwarf)Dwarf Coneflower   14.00Add to Cart12-16blue
apsundry  Centaurea cyanusConeflower "pokadot"Picture  14.00Add to Cart12-24blue/p/pink/wht
ppsun dry moistCerastium biebersteiniiSnow-in-SummerPicturen/aAdd to Cart150.00Add to Cart6-12white
bppsun dry moistCheiranthus allioniiSiberian WallflowerPicture  20.00Add to Cart10-18orange
bppsun dry moistCheiranthus cheiriEnglish Wallflower   36.00Add to Cart16-24orange/pink/red
apsun dry moistChrysanthemum carnatumPainted DaisyPicture  36.00Add to Cart18-36white/yellow/red/purp
asun dry moistChrysanthemum coronariunGarland Daisy   22.00Add to Cart24-36yellow
ppsun moistChrysanthemum maximumDwarf Shasta DaisyPicture  114.00Add to Cart12-16white
ppsun moistChrysanthemum multicauleYellow DaisyPicture  100.00Add to Cart16-24white
apsun dry moistChrysanthemum maximumShasta DaisyPicture  37.00Add to Cart6-12yellow
apsun dry moistChrysanthemum paludosumCreeping DaisyPicture  96.00Add to Cart6-12white
asun dry moistClarkia amoenaDwarf Godetia   36.00Add to Cart8-14pink-white
apsun dry moistClarkia bottaeLilac GodetiaPicture18.00Add to Cart128.00Add to Cart8-18lilac




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