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Individual Flower Species Page-2

TypeCultural requirementScientific NameCommon NamePicturePrice per ozAdd to Cart in Ounce QuantitiesPrice per Lb.Add to Cart in Pound Quantitiesht. Inchescolor
asun dryClarkia pulchellaDeerhorn ClarkiaPicturesold outsold outcallAdd to Cart12-20pink-white
asun dry moistClarkia unguiculataClarkiaPicture  38.00Add to Cart18-30pink-lavender
asun dryCleome serrulataRocky Mountain BeeplantPicture  88.00Add to Cart12-24pink-lavender
apsun dryCollinsia heterophyllaChinese HousesPicture  40.00Add to Cart12-48white/violet
ppsun dry moistCoreopsis lanceolataLance-Lvd CoreopsisPicture  30.00Add to Cart18-36yellow
ppsun dry moistCoreopsis lanceolata dwarfDwarf Lance-lvd CoreopsisPicture  44.00Add to Cart12-16yellow
psun moistCoeropsis leavenworthiLeavenworths Tickseed   50.00Add to Cart18-36yellow
apsun dryCoreopsis tinctoriaPlains CoreopsisPicture  32.00Add to Cart18-36yellow-maroon
apsun dryCoreopsis t. dwarfDwarf Plains CoreopsisPicture  34.00Add to Cart12-18yellow-maroon
apsun dryCoreopsis t. dwarfDwarf Plains Coreopsis RedPicture  54.00Add to Cart12-18maroon
apsun dryCosmos binpinnatusCosmosPicture  36.00Add to Cart36-60white-pink/crimson
apsun dryCosmos binpinnatus dwarfDwarf CosmosPicture  44.00Add to Cart24-30white/pink/crimson
apsun dry moistCosmos sulphureusSulfur CosmosPicture  38.00Add to Cart30-40yellow-orange-red
absun shade dry moistCynoglossum amabileChinese Forget-me-notPicture  14.00Add to Cart18-24blue
psun dryDalea purpureaPurple Prairie Clover   64.00Add to Cart18-36white
psun dryDalea candidaWhite Prairie Clover   110.00Add to Cart12-36purple
apsun moistDelphinium ajacisRocket Larkspur   32.00Add to Cart12-36white/pink/blue/violet
ppsun moistDelphinium occidentaleWestern Larkspur 20.00Add to Cart160.00Add to Cart36-60blue/purple
psun dryDesmanthus illionesisIllinois BundleflowerPicture  50.00Add to Cart36-60cream
psun dry moistDianthus deltoidesMaiden PinksPicture14.00Add to Cart208.00Add to Cart12-24white-pink-red
psun dry moistDianthus  barbatusSweet William PinksPicture  24.00Add to Cart6-16pink
psun moistDianthus plumariusCottage PinksPicture  60.00Add to Cart12-20pink-p-whit
bpsun moistDianthus superbusFringed PinksPicture  50.00Add to Cart24-48pink-p-whit
bppshade moistDimorphotheca auranticaAfrican DaisyPicture  44.00Add to Cart8-16purple/cream
asun dry  Echinacea angustifoliaNarrow-lvd purple Coneflower n/aAdd to CartcallAdd to Cart12-24orange/salmon/wht
psun dryEchinacea pallidaPale-Purple ConeflowerPicturen/aAdd to Cart120.00Add to Cart24-48violet
ppsun dryEchinacea paradoxaYellow ConeflowerPicturecallAdd to CartcallAdd to Cart12-36yellow
ppsun dry moistEchinacea prupureaPurple ConeflowerPicture  34.00 24-36lavendar
ppshade dry moistEngelmannia pinnatifidaEngelmann Daisy 16.00Add to Cart140.00Add to Cart24-36purple
psun dryErigeron speciosusFleabane DaisyPicture22.00 100.00Add to Cart8-24violet
ppsun dry moistErysimum capitatumWestern WallflowerPicturecallAdd to CartcallAdd to Cart30-48white
bpsun dry moistEryngium yuccifoliumRattlesnake MasterPicture20.00Add to Cart180.00Add to Cart12-24yellow orange
asun dry moistEschschoizia caespitosaDwarf California Poppy 12.00Add to Cart80.00Add to Cart5-10yellow 
tpsun dryEschschoizia californicaCalifornia PoppyPicture  30.00Add to Cart12-18yellow orange
tpsun dryEschschozia californica Calif. Poppy Mixed colorsPicture  68.00Add to Cart12-18orange yellow red white
psun dry moistEupatorium maculatumJoe PyeweedPicture52.00Add to Cart580.00Add to Cart48-72pink
psun dry moistEupatorium perfoliatumBonesetPicture56.00Add to Cart540.00Add to Cart36-48white
ppsun moistGaillardia artistataPerennial gaillardiaPicture  36.00Add to Cart18-30yellow-red
ppsun moistGaillardia artistataYellow gaillardiaPicture16.00Add to Cart120.00Add to Cart12-24yellow
psun dryGaillardia artistata dwarfDwarf perennial gaillardia n/aAdd to Cart50.00Add to Cart10-14yellow red
asun dryGaillardia pulchellaAnnual gaillardiaPicture  36.00Add to Cart12-24yellow red
psun dryGaura lindheimeriGaruaPicture  50.00Add to Cart36-48white
asun dryGillia capitataGlobe giliaPicture  36.00Add to Cart12-24blue
asun dryGillia tricolorBirds' eyePicture  40.00Add to Cart12-18lavender white
asun shade dryGysophila elegansAnnual Baby's BreathPicture  9.00Add to Cart8-18white
psun dryHelenium autumnaleAutumn SneezeweedPicture14.00Add to Cart84.00Add to Cart36-60yellow




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