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Individual Flower Species Page-3

TypeCultural requirmentScientific NameCommon NamePicturePrice per ozAdd to Cart in Ounce QuantitiesPrice per Lb.Add to Cart in Pound Quantitiesht. Inchescolor
apsun dryHelianthus annuusSunflowerPicture  50.00Add to Cart24-72yellow
psun dryHelianthus maximillianiMaximilian SunflowerPicture  60.00Add to Cart39-96yellow
ppsun dry moistHeliopsis helianthoidesOx-eye SunflowerPicture  50.00Add to Cart24-48yellow
ppsun dryIberis sempervirensPerennial CandytuffPicturen/aAdd to CartN/AAdd to Cart6-12white
apsun dry moistIberis umbellataCandytuffPicture  24.00Add to Cart12-18white pink violet
b psun dry moistIpomopsis rubraGiliaPicture  126.00Add to Cart36-72red white coral
psun moistIris missouriensisWild Blue Iris   66.00Add to Cart12-24blue
asun dry moistLasthenia glabrataGoldfields   56.00Add to Cart6-12yellow
ppsun dry moistLathyrus latifoliusPerennial Sweet Pea   N/AAdd to Cart-rose pink
asun moistLavatera trimestrisTree MallowPicture  callAdd to Cart24-48white pink
ppsun dryLayia platyglossaTidy TipsPicture  callAdd to Cart6-12yellow  white
psun dryLespedeza capitataRoundheaded Bush Clover callAdd to CartcallAdd to Cart30-45cream
psun dryLiatris asperaRough Blazing StarPicturecallAdd to Cart600.00Add to Cart24-36purple
psun dry Liatris punctataDotted GayfeatherPicturecallAdd to CartcallAdd to Cart10-16purple
psun dry moistLiatris pycnostachyaThickspike GayfeatherPicturesold outAdd to Cartsold outAdd to Cart24-48purple
ppsun moistLiatris spicataGayfeatherPicture12.00Add to Cart124.00Add to Cart24-48purple
asun dryLianthus gradiflorusMountain PhloxPicture  84.00Add to Cart12-24white lavender
apsun dry Linaria maccrocanaSpured Snapdragon tallPicture  54.00Add to Cart12-24pink yellow violet
apsun dry moistLinium grandiflorum rubrumScarlet FlaxPicture  26.00Add to Cart12-36scarlet
psun dry moistLinium perenneBlue FlaxPicture  30.00Add to Cart18-30blue
tppsun dry moistLobularia maritimeSweet AlyssumPicture  32.00Add to Cart8-16white
psun dryLotus cornculatusBirds-foot Trefoil   32.00Add to Cart12-24yellow
ppsun dryLupinus alpestrisMountain LupinePicture24.00Add to Cart212.00Add to Cart18-24blue
asun dry moistLupinus  densiflorus aureusYellow Lupine   46.00Add to Cart24-36Yellow
psun dry moistLupinus perennisPerennial LupinePicture  36.00Add to Cart12-36blue
psun dry moistLupinus polyphllusRussell LupinePicture  34.00Add to Cart12-36pink-blue-red-yellow
asun dryLupinus succulentusArryo LupinePicture  36.00Add to Cart24-48blue
apsun dry moistLupinus texensisTexas BluebonnetPicture  52.00Add to Cart8-12blue
psun dryLychnis chalcedonicaMaltese Cross   54.00Add to Cart24-36scarlet-rose-salmon
b psun dryMachaeranthera tanaceteifoliaPrairie Aster   110.00Add to Cart12-18violet
apsun dry moistMalcomia maritimaVirginia StockPicture  40.00Add to Cart4-6lilac/wht
asun dryMentzelia lindleyiBlazing StarPicture12.00Add to Cart96.00Add to Cart12-48yellow
tpsun dry moistMirabilis jalapaFour-O-ClockPicture  14.00Add to Cart12-36red-pink-y-white
asun moistMonarda citriodoraLemon MintPicture  45.00Add to Cart12-24lavender-white
ppsun dry moistMonarda fistulosaBergamotPicturecallAdd to CartcallAdd to Cart36-48purple
abpshade moistMyostis slyvaticaForget-Me-NotPicture14.00Add to Cart104.00Add to Cart10-18blue
apshade moistNemophilia maculataFive SpotPicture  36.00Add to Cart4-6white-purple
apshade moistNemophilia menziliaBaby Blue-eyesPicture  44.00Add to Cart4-12blue
bpsun dry moistOenothera hookeriTall Evening PrimrosePicture  callAdd to Cart36-60yellow
bpsun dryOenothera lamackianaCommon Evening PrimrosePicture  18.00Add to Cart24-60yellow
ppsun dryOenothera missouriensisDwarf Evening PrimrosePicture14.00Add to Cart68.00Add to Cart8-12Yellow
psun dryOenothera PaiildaPale Evening PrimrosePicturesold out callAdd to Cart8-20white
appsun dry moistOenothera speciosaShowy Evening PrimrosePicturen/aAdd to CartcallAdd to Cart12-24pink
psun dry moistPapaver nudicauleIceland PoppyPicturesold outAdd to Cartsold outAdd to Cart12-24yellow-orange-wht
apsun dryPapaver rhoeasCorn Poppy   34.00Add to Cart12-30white-pink-red
apsun dryPapaver rhoeasRed Corn PoppyPicture  34.00Add to Cart12-30red





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