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Individual Flower Species Page-4

TypeCultural requirmentScientific NameCommon NamePicturePrice per ozAdd to Cart in Ounce QuantitiesPrice per Lb.Add to Cart in Pound Quantitiesht. Inchescolor
psun dry moistPenstemon angustifoliaNarrow-leafed Beardtongue 22.00Add to Cart200.00Add to Cart9-12pink-violet
ppsun moistPenstemon digitalisSmooth PenstemonPicturen/aAdd to Cart100.00Add to Cart24-40white
psun dryPenstemon eatoniiEaton's Penstemon 36.00Add to Cart356.00Add to Cart12-40scarlet
psun dry moistPenstemom grandiflorusShell-leafed PenstemonPicture  callAdd to Cart24-36pink-lavender
psun dryPenstemom palmeriiPalmer PenstemonPicturen/aAdd to Cart80.00Add to Cart24-48pink
ppsun dryPenstemom strictusRocky Mountain PenstemonPicture  70.00Add to Cart24-36blue
asun dryPhacellia campanulaCalifornia Bluebell   40.00Add to Cart8-20blue
asun dryPhlox DrummondiiAnnual Phlox mixed colorsPicture  80.00Add to Cart8-20whit-pink-red-purp
asun dryPhlox DrummondiiRed Annual PhloxPicture  82.00Add to Cart8-20red
bpsun dryRatibida columnifera dwarfDwarf Red ConeflowerPicture  44.00Add to Cart12-24red
bppsun dryRatibida columniferaPrairie ConeflowerPicture  46.00Add to Cart12-36yellow
bppsun dryRatibida columniferaMexican HatPicture  44.00Add to Cart12-36red-yellow
ppsun dry moistRatibida pinnataGrey-headed ConeflowerPicture  54.00Add to Cart36-48yellow
apsun dry moistRudbeckia amplexicaulisClasping Coneflower   36.00Add to Cart18-30yellow-red
abppsun dry moistRudbeckia hirtaBlack-eyed-SusanPicture  36.00Add to Cart12-36yellow
abppsun dry moistRudbeckia hirtaGloriosa Daisy   46.00Add to Cart12-36yellow-red
ppsun moistRudbeckia laciniataCutleaf Coneflower 14.00Add to CartcallAdd to Cart36-90yellow
ppsun moistRudbeckia subtomentosa Sweet Black-eyed SusanPicturen/aAdd to CartcallAdd to Cart36-54yellow
psun drySalvia azureaPitcher SagePicturesold outAdd to Cartsold outAdd to Cart24-48blue
apsun drySalvia coccianeaScarlet SagePicture  callAdd to Cart12-24red
psun drySalvia farinaceaBlue Sage n/aAdd to CartcallAdd to Cart12-24blue
asun drySanvitalia procumbensCreeping ZinniaPicture20.00Add to Cart178.00Add to Cart6-8yellow
ppsun drySaponaria ocymoidesSoapwortPicture  84.00Add to Cart6-14pink
abpsun drySilene armeriaCatchfly   36.00Add to Cart16-22pink
abpsun dry moistSilene pendulaNodding CatchflyPicture  46.00Add to Cart6-10pink
ppsun moistSilphium laciniatumCompass Plant 24.00Add to Cart160.00Add to Cart48-100yellow
ppsun dry moistSiphium perfoliatumCup Plant 24.00Add to Cart290.00Add to Cart40-90yellow
psun dry moistSolidago rigidaRigid GoldenrodPicture22.00 300.00Add to Cart36-60gold
psun drySphaeralcea coccineaScarlet Globemallow callAdd to CartcallAdd to Cart6-14orange
psun drySphaeralcea grossularifoliaGooseberryleaf Globemallow 30.00Add to Cart325.00Add to Cart24-36orange-red
ppsun dryThymus serpyllumCreeping ThymePicture14.00Add to Cart200.00Add to Cart3-6lavender
psun dryTradescantia occidentalisPrairie SpiderwortPicturesold out callAdd to Cart8-24blue-purple
apsun moistTrifolium incarnatumCrimsom CloverPicture  6.00Add to Cart24-36crimson
psun moistVerbena hastataBlue VervainPicture16.00Add to Cart144.00Add to Cart24-48blue
apsun dryVerbena tenuisectaHoary VervainPicture  80.00Add to Cart24-36purple
psun dryVerbena strictaMoss verbenaPicture  80.00Add to Cart8-12blue-violet
ppsun moistVeronia fastciculataPrairie Ironweed 18.00Add to Cart300.00Add to Cart48-72purple
ppsun dry moistViguiera multifloraShowy Golden-eyePicture18.00Add to Cart220.00Add to Cart12-36yellow
appsun moistViola cornutaJohnny Jump-upPicture14.00Add to Cart160.00Add to Cart4-12purple/yellow/blue
asun dry moistZinnia linearisClassic ZinniaPicturesold out Add to CartcallAdd to Cart10-16orange
ppsun moistZizia aureaGolden AlexanderPicture24.00Add to Cart300.00Add to Cart12-30yellow





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