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Foothills Native Grass
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Native Grass Mixes By Regions

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Southern Plains Native Grass Mix     Western Native Grass Mix     Foothills Native Grass



High Mountain Native GrassNortheast Native GrassShortgrass Mix


Southeast Native Grass     Southwest Native Grass     Tallgrass Mix


Individual Grass Species


Scientific NameCommon Name Price per PoundSeeds per lblbs./acre alonePlanting rate with flowers/lb./acreHeight inchesCultural RequirementsTypeWarm or cool season
Andropogon geradiiBig BluestemAdd to Cart$28.00165,00015-20484P/Sun-dry/moistPW
Bulchole dactyloidesBuffalo GrassAdd to Cart$44.0050,00020-30712P/Sun/dryPW
Bouteloua crtipendulaSideoats GramaAdd to Cart$36.00159,2008-13424P/sun/dryPW
Bouteloua gracilisBlue GramaAdd to Cart$76.00724,0006-8320P/Sun/dryPW
Festuca IdahoensisIdaho FescueAdd to Cart$24.00450,0007-10440P/Sun/dryPC
Elymus canadensisCanada Wild RyeAdd to Cart$32.00115,0006-12372P/Sun/dry/moistPC
Festuca ovinaSheep FescueAdd to Cart$11.00680,000301016Sun/shade/dry/moistPC
Festuca ovina glaucaBlue FescueAdd to Cart$14.00680,000301016Sun/shade/dry/moistPC
Festuca ovina duriusculaHard FescueAdd to Cart$11.00680,000301016Sun/shade/dry/moistPW
Schizachyrium scopariumLittle BluestemAdd to Cart$44.00238,00015-20648P/Sun/dry/moistPW
Sorghastrum nutansIndiangrassAdd to Cart$56.00133,0008-14584Sun/dryPW
Panicum virgatum "Alamo"SwitchgrassAdd to Cart$36.00504,0003-51120Sun/MoistPW
Panicum virgatum "Blackwell"SwitchgrassAdd to Cart$24.00248,0004-6250Sun/Dry/MoistPW
Panicum virgatum "Cave-in-Rock"SwitchgrassAdd to Cart$28.00276,0004-6260Sun/Dry/MoistPW
Panicum virgatum "Dacotah"SwitchgrassAdd to Cart$18.00324,0004-6260Sun/Dry/MoistPW
Panicum virgatum "Kanlow"SwitchgrassAdd to Cart$32.00508,0003-51100Sun/MoistPW
Panicum virgatum "NE 28"SwitchgrassAdd to Cart$22.00320,0004-6260Sun/Dry/MoistPW
Panicum virgatum "Sunburst"SwitchgrassAdd to Cart$20.00225,0004-6275Sun/Dry/MoistPW
Panicum virgatum "Trailblazer"SwitchgrassAdd to Cart$24.00272,0004-6260Sun/MoistPW
Eragrostis curvulaWeeping LovegrassAdd to Cart$20.001,500,0003-5148P/Sun/Dry/MoistPW


Minimum order is 1 lb. per species.




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